Improve customer financial empowerment

Provide a Single Source of Truth for bank employees with clear procedures and active work instructions.

Your policies and procedures only have value if they’re used consistently. When every teammate follows the same auditable process, you’ll be able to measure performance and deliver outcomes.

Acadia is a single and consistent source of truth that is available to all bank teammates from onboarding and training to the execution of daily tasks. This is particularly important for teams experiencing high levels of change.

How Acadia helps:

  • Make it easy for every teammate to find procedures
  • Identify who’s using them and compare that to performance metrics
  • Support with additional training and resources

Single Source of Truth

Delivering critical information to bank teammates can be obstructed by complexity or outdated technology. Teammates who receive work instructions and training across multiple, inconsistent systems are less likely to perform work accurately. This is creating legal, quality, and efficiency challenges that are limiting the ability to meet customer needs.

By implementing Acadia as your single source of truth across all branches, departments, and call centers, you can eliminate confusion and provide access to the right information at exactly the time it’s needed.

Audit Trail & Accountability

In most banking operations, procedure compliance is critical to the bank’s reputation. When teammates fail to follow procedures, the company can fail to meet legal requirements or even open itself up to risks from fraud.

Managers with visibility into employee SOP compliance can identify who is following the procedure and who might need additional training or support. By digitally tracking compliance, you also create an audit trail that can help you comply with regulatory requirements.

Employee Engagement & Retention

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Retention starts on day 1. That’s when you begin to build new teammate confidence. If your training and onboarding process isn’t reinforced with easy access to work instructions and job aids, that confidence can begin to erode quickly.

Beyond, teaching teammates how to execute procedures correctly, there is great value in capturing their feedback to improve procedures. Nobody knows your procedures better than the people who use them every day. Acadia provides multiple ways for teammates to provide specific feedback on your procedures as they do their work.

Start Today

Consistent process outcomes start with your training approach and follow your teammates throughout their career at your bank. The faster you can eliminate outdated, inefficient systems, the more productive everyone will become.

We recommend a strategic approach to implementing Acadia as your single source of truth. Choose a KPI you’d like to improve within a specific team, determine the procedures that will help that team meet their goal, and let us help you do the rest.

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