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Inject the support your employees need into their daily activities.

  • Assign work instructions by QR code, ERP integration, or Manager
  • Assign to individuals, split tasks among teams, or across shifts
  • Incorporate images & videos and translate into any language
  • Track when tasks are completed accurately and by whom
  • Update processes instantly as part of workflow

The Connected Worker Platform Designed for Employee Productivity

Acadia’s connected worker platform improves every frontline employee’s ability to follow increasingly complex procedures safely and efficiently.

  • Support your frontline teams with digital tools that help them operate independently.
  • Make it easy to follow processes and troubleshoot problems with the right information at the right time.
  • Create visibility into who is advancing in their role and who needs additional coaching.

Understand who’s performing well and who needs more help

View your team in a dynamic Skills Matrix

Acadia will ensure that all our employees have the critical information they need, in the back office and in the field, at the moment they need it.
Todd Ernest
Founder and CEO
Climate Pros
Acadia is the workforce enablement tool that is allowing us to close performance gaps and increase employee task proficiency.
Shannon Schleisman
Global Manager Product Owner
Acadia has had an ultimate impact on the way we do business. Updating safety policies across all of our plants used to take two months. We now complete it in a couple of weeks.
Don Standridge
Corporate Safety Manager
Mohawk Industries
Acadia is enabling our ability to consistently train, confirm comprehension and provide additional support to drivers as they execute their work.
Adam Newsome
Lazer Logistics

Binders, paper checklists, and file share drives don’t work. Our connected worker platform is designed for productivity with tools that help employees improve performance.

  • Employees can’t find the information they need in a timely manner
  • Maintaining/disseminating information is resource intensive
  • Impossible to know if employees are actually following your process

Read more about the risk of using the wrong tools.

What our clients say about us

Denise Channer, Global Manager: Product Owner at AB InBev describes how Acadia has been deployed across global operations, as well as improvements she’s seen in operations and for employees.
Adam Newsome, Lazer Spot CEO details how Acadia’s knowledge management system improved workplace safety and employee satisfaction.
Garth Reid, COO at ETHOS Treatment describes how his business uses Acadia to help remove distractions from clinicians, allowing them to focus on client care.

Acadia works on the factory floor and in the accounting office.

Here’s a quick, general overview of how Acadia’s connected worker platform could work in a warehouse:

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