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Acadia is a Dynamic Skills Management Solution

Compliance at Scale

The visibility Acadia provides creates a clear path to progress.

Create Accountability

Both employees and their managers have a clear path to achieving their growth goals.

Reskill and Retain

Easily accessible on-the-job training that supports new hire training, reskilling, and ultimately retention.

Identify Workforce Gaps

More than just a glorified org chart, Acadia helps you visualize gaps in your workforce based on proven skills.

Estimate Your Return on Investment

See how much you could save by reducing turnover with Acadia.

Cost of turnover for your company this year
Potential savings on turnover from Acadia

Acadia Enables Your Team to Learn at Scale

Our connected worker platform will ensure standard work is done correctly every time and by every employee.

Ditch the Spreadsheet and Plan for Demand

Create a single source of truth that creates confidence and compliance within your team:

  • Visualize every employee’s capabilities and your team’s skill gaps
  • Encourage and create a pathway for those who are close to advancing in skills and certifications
  • Automate distribution to employees or enable easy access with QR Codes
  • Launch step-by-step work instructions enriched with interactive job aids to ensure seamless execution

Applied Skills Management for Work-Based Learning

A dynamic skills management solution that maps a success path and your teams’ progress in real time. Acadia clients leverage our powerful Connected Worker Platform to train and upskill their teams:

  • Achieve new hire proficiency faster with on-the-job work instructions and real-time proficiency evaluations
  • Boost employee retention and productivity with engaging multimedia job aids that support new initiatives
  • Establish a culture of consistency in the workplace through standardized training and learning

Understand capabilities and skills gaps across your teams with our Connected Worker Platform.

Real World, Real Results

See how Acadia has helped businesses like yours.

Acadia is at the center of how we meet our quality and training goals. It will be instrumental in our ability to meet them in the future.
Ryan Ogden
Process Control Supervisor
Dorman Products

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