Acadia Digital Work Instructions

SOP access on the front lines

Turn your procedures into repeatable, active work instructions and job aids.

If your employees don’t know what to do, they’re more likely to cause unplanned downtime, become injured, or simply quit.

Acadia Digital Work Instructions provides checklists, job aids, and accountability to your frontline employees as they perform critical tasks.

Here’s how it works

Your One Best Way SOP is easily accessible to the person who needs it – instantly, on any internet-enabled device.

Machine operator reading work instructions from tablet computer

The process, in the form of a checklist, is self-assigned using a QR code, distributed as part of a work order from your ERP, or assigned by a manager.

A person using their tablet to scan a QR Code and being taken to an Acadia document

All data generated during process execution is correlated to operational KPIs. This creates actionable insights that help you identify who needs more training or what processes need improvement.

Actual client results

Nineteen percent planned downtime improvement after just two weeks.

8 minutes improvement and $500k cash savings

Reduced time to proficiency for new hires and existing employees

Higher retention rate of new skills among those trained using the new method

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Thirty-seven percent increase in new hire procedure compliance.

Improved outbound orders shipped on time from 40% on average to 80%

13% increase in new hires who reach their efficiency goal by week

290% reduction in process change training time

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One-hundred percent audit score after deploying Acadia.

Single source of truth for all audit documents, policies, and procedures

Customized and streamlined workflows for document control

Quickly and easily access all relevant documents based on customer, location, and other meta data

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How Acadia is different than traditional document management

Watch this two-minute video to learn more.

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