Acadia Digital Work Instructions

Improve Employee Efficiency and Engagement.

Expectations for improved efficiency go up every quarter. But there’s only so much you can expect from equipment or processes if your employees don’t know what to do. One thing is clear: paper work instructions and SOPs are dragging down your productivity.

Actual client results

Nineteen percent planned downtime improvement after just two weeks.

8 minutes improvement and $500k cash savings

Reduced time to proficiency for new hires and existing employees

Higher retention rate of new skills among those trained using the new method

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Thirty-seven percent increase in new hire procedure compliance.

Improved outbound orders shipped on time from 40% on average to 80%

13% increase in new hires who reach their efficiency goal by week

290% reduction in process change training time

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One-hundred percent audit score after deploying Acadia.

Single source of truth for all audit documents, policies, and procedures

Customized and streamlined workflows for document control

Quickly and easily access all relevant documents based on customer, location, and other meta data

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What you can expect from Acadia Digital Work Instructions:

  • Consistent employee performance
  • Improved execution of critical processes
  • Higher retention among a more engaged team

Consistent Employee Performance

People want to do things the right way, they don’t want to make mistakes and redo work. If you make it easy to find answers, your employees will do things the right way. They’ll be more likely to stick around too.

Employees perform more consistently when they know exactly what they’re supposed to do. It’s that simple. Acadia turns your SOPs into actionable checklists with video and photo job aids.

A person using their tablet to scan a QR Code and being taken to an Acadia document

Used as part of the training and onboarding process, these tools help everyone learn new processes and equipment faster. When they learn while doing, your folks will maintain knowledge longer too.

Improved execution of critical processes

Critical processes like line changeovers, preventative maintenance, and new equipment operation require intricate knowledge. This usually means that production can be held hostage by the limited number of folks who know how to get things done.

A man fixing industrial machinery

Avoid bottlenecks by making processes easier to access and execute properly. We can also help you understand which of your team members are ready to work in different roles or on different machines.

Higher Retention among a more engaged team

Our work across hundreds of worksites indicates there are two guaranteed ways to engage your employees. Help them feel confident doing their work and listen to their ideas to improve work processes.

Digital work instructions are fully accessible on the plant floor and become another tool they use on the job – supporting training and ensuring compliance. In short, they help employees feel more confident in their work.

Acadia can even help you understand who on your team is performing well and who needs additional training.

Some of the game-changing benefits that come from Acadia digital work instructions happen through data integration with other systems. Once every employee is accurately following processes, you’ll have a new data source to understand one of the most variable aspects of your operations.

A pie chart showing line change SOP compliance, an example of a statistic pulled from Acadia

The only thing better than having team members learn while doing, is having them provide feedback while doing.

Acadia’s digital work instructions empower employees to provide feedback where it can be most helpful. Each task provides an opportunity for employees to provide feedback as they work. This ensures the feedback is relevant and useful, making it more likely that you’ll adopt it.

Why Acadia?

  • It’s extremely easy to use
  • It deploys rapidly without headaches
  • We help you every step of the way

Acadia was built with our clients’ input, to help them solve some of their most challenging problems. We invested a lot to make it easy to access and use, even in the most challenging industrial environments.

Acadia is extremely easy to use

If you can fill out a webform, you can use Acadia. There’s no software to install or hardware to buy – all you need is a browser. It works offline when you need it to. It provides workflow and approval processes for content creation.

Because Acadia integrates with all your other operations’ systems. We can help you correlate employee compliance with operational outcomes.

We like to keep our pricing simple too. Learn more about that here.

It deploys rapidly without headaches

We’ve implemented Acadia in small teams of just a few dozen people and globally across large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees. We’ll assign a team to help you build a project plan specifically suited to your challenges.

We work with you every step of the way

We invest exponentially more in product development and client success than we do in business development. We think you’ll stay with us longer if we’re invested in your success, so we double down on our clients.

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