Enterprise Knowledge Management System

How Acadia Streamlines Skills Training

On the job training enhances productivity & improves performance

Quickly create your work instructions with the ease of an online form

Your SOP is linked to a QR code, automatically by your ERP, or by staff managers

Employees follow the step-by-step instructions with built-in job aids and accountability

SOP Software for Work Based Learning

Empower Employees with Digital Job Aids

Acadia clients use our digital work instructions to:

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Hit work efficiency goals
  • Create consistency in the workplace

Actual Client Results

Nineteen percent planned downtime improvement after just two weeks.
  • 8 minutes improvement and $500k cash savings
  • Reduced time to proficiency for new hires and existing employees
  • Higher retention rate of new skills among those trained using the new method
Thirty-seven percent increase in new hire procedure compliance.
  • Improved outbound orders shipped on time from 40% on average to 80%
  • 13% increase in new hires who reach their efficiency goal by week
  • 290% reduction in process change training time
One-hundred percent audit score after deploying Acadia.
  • Single source of truth for all audit documents, policies, and procedures
  • Customized and streamlined workflows for document control
  • Quickly and easily access all relevant documents based on customer, location, and other meta data

How to improve Work Efficiency with Acadia

See how powerful paperless manufacturing can improve your workflows. Improve work performance and crush your productivity goals.

Manage standard policies and procedures, track compliance, accelerate learning, and achieve behavior change on one cloud-based platform.Single Source of Truth

 ‘72% of workers can’t find the information they need in their company’s information systems.’

Improve the efficiency of your workforce by ensuring every employee can find the information they need, at the moment they need it. Acadia uses cutting-edge search to retrieve knowledge that improves understanding, collaboration, and process alignment.

Your employees will find the right policies, job aids, and work instructions on any browser-enabled device – even offline. Acadia can help you:

  • Quickly incorporate text, images and videos for an immersive learning experience.
  • Migrate existing content easily using robust API-technology.
  • Standardize documents with in-app templates.
  • Encourage content collaboration while controlling editing and approval with easy to use, automated workflow tools.
  • Engage front-line employees who can provide feedback using tools integrated into each document.

Employee Knowledge Is Key To Standardizing Work

Identifying standard policies and procedures is only valuable if your workforce can be trained to follow them. Acadia combines the neuroscience of how we learn with continuous improvement techniques to help train and reinforce behavior change.

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