Make Change Stick

Acadia makes continuous improvement projects

faster and the benefits permanent

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Plan – Do – Check – Act

We work with our clients to improve key metrics one process change at a time.

  • Plan: Capture all policies and procedures in a single source of truth. Use templates and workflow tools to ensure each document is properly reviewed, vetted and kept up to date.
  • Do: Convert procedures to checklists with job aids that help employees perform their work according to the right way – every single time.
  • Check: Audit and evaluate processes, documents, and employees to identify opportunities for improvement. Employees can suggest improvements or common problems as they perform their work.
  • Act: Combine the data from Acadia with your process KPIs, and identify the best opportunities to make changes that will reduce waste, spread best practices, engage employees and become more efficient.
Plan - Do - Check - Act

Tools That Make a Difference

How we make your continuous improvement projects go faster with tools that reinforce process change.

All relevant employees are alerted when a process change is released and acknowledge receipt

New steps are inserted directly into digital work instructions with job aids and microlearning

Managers quickly see who is following the new process and who needs additional training

Client Results

Our clients see tangible results within weeks of deploying Acadia to improve a process.

Watch Your Changes Make a Difference in Real Time

Combine your operational data with Acadia employee performance data and watch in real time as they improve.

Common metrics we’ve helped improve:

  • New hire time to proficiency
  • Waste, quality, and downtime
  • Order to Cash and other financial processes
  • Audit results – internal, client, and regulatory
  • Improved on-time shipping and inventory management

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