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Continuously improve performance, knowledge management,

and profitability with knowledge tools built for front line employees

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Your Goals Transformed into Actionable Change

We take the goals you’re actively working on and build a custom plan to help you hit them.

Acadia will ensure that all our employees have the critical information they need, in the back office and in the field, at the moment they need it.
Todd Ernest
Founder and CEO
Climate Pros
Acadia is the workforce enablement tool that is allowing us to close performance gaps and increase employee task proficiency.
Shannon Schleisman
Global Manager Product Owner
Acadia has had an ultimate impact on the way we do business. Updating safety policies across all of our plants used to take two months. We now complete it in a couple of weeks.
Don Standridge
Corporate Safety Manager
Mohawk Industries
Acadia is enabling our ability to consistently train, confirm comprehension and provide additional support to drivers as they execute their work.
Adam Newsome
Lazer Spot

Let’s Talk About You

Acadia combines your operational data, employee productivity, and compliance data to help you hit your performance goals.

Let’s face it–you’re not here to be sold software. You’re here because you have a problem to solve. Our team will consult with you to develop a comprehensive action plan. If Acadia won’t solve your performance gaps, we’ll tell you that too.

See how Acadia can make hitting your KPI goals a much simpler process.

Change Behavior, Improve Productivity

Faster, more efficient operations at scale powered by micro learning

Acadia Goes to Work for You

Acadia has helped our clients improve key metrics:

  1. New hire time to proficiency
  2. Waste, quality, and downtime
  3. Overall equipment effectiveness
  4. New order error rate
  5. Audit results – internal & customer

Take the first step to crushing your goals this year. Talk to us, or learn more about the successes we’ve had with other clients.

See Acadia in action, ask for a demo

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