On-the-Job Learning – LMS Alternative

Build employee skills quickly and reliably while they work

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Improve time to proficiency for all training

From new employee onboarding to one point lessons and micro learning, Acadia helps your teams learn fast.

Inject the support your employees need into their daily tasks

Develop content faster than in any LMS without specialized skills

  • Creating content is as easy as filling out a form
  • Add videos and images with a couple of clicks
  • Training material automatically adjusts to fit any device
  • Manage content dynamically based on parameters you define
  • Custom workflows help you collaborate with SMEs on content

Ensure each individual understands what they’ve been trained on

  • Quizzing reinforces important concepts and checks comprehension
  • Manager-guided evaluations assess skills attainment
  • Acknowledgements create an audit trail for critical policies

Understand your team’s capabilities and gaps

What our clients say about us

Denise Channer, Global Manager: Product Owner at AB InBev describes how Acadia has been deployed across global operations, as well as improvements she’s seen in operations and for employees.
Adam Newsome, Lazer Spot CEO details how Acadia’s knowledge management system improved workplace safety and employee satisfaction.
Garth Reid, COO at ETHOS Treatment describes how his business uses Acadia to help remove distractions from clinicians, allowing them to focus on client care.

77% of businesses are having difficulty finding skilled talent

Understand your skills gaps and identify internal candidates to fill them

Skills Management no longer needs to happen in a spreadsheet that you manage manually. With Acadia, you can help individuals improve their capabilities while tracking the entire team’s skills progression.

Ensure information is available even when your trainers aren’t

  • Provide step-by-step instructions for every procedure until it sticks
  • Answer employee questions without distracting others
  • Help employees feel confident in their work to improve retention

Understand more about how your employees learn

See Acadia in action, ask for a demo

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