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Improve profitability through better customer relationships

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Deliver the Right Content to the Right Person at Right Time

Ensure everyone who speaks with a customer speaks with the same voice and provides the correct information. Acadia helps you:

  • Deliver critical information to your team at the moment of need
  • Support employees who make errors with additional training
  • Help employees deal with complexity by providing clear direction

Improved performance from branches to call centers and everywhere in between

Consistent Customer Service

Acadia provides a single source of truth that makes it easy for employees to find the answer they need at a moment’s notice. When regulations or policies change, you can quickly make updates and share them instantly across your workforce with our retail banking management software.

Increase customer satisfaction, decrease time to resolution, and identify new sales opportunities when your employees have the right answers and forms at their fingertips.

More Efficient Training & Onboarding

Acadia improves training effectiveness by injecting training directly into work. Employees have easy access to the right content while they are performing the task.

Managers can check comprehension with quizzing and evaluations to ensure everyone gets the support they need. They’ll also be able to track training process to ensure every employee has reaches 100% completion by the deadline.

Employee Engagement & Retention

One of the best ways to encourage engagement is to enable people to improve their work processes. In Acadia, employees can provide feedback on content, processes, and other aspects of their work.

The data is captured and organized in reports that managers can review to identify new ideas. Reports identify who submitted the feedback so managers can recognize their contribution. As improvements are made and employees recognized, employee engagement will grow.

Continuous improvement thrives in an environment that encourages everyone to be engaged and contribute.

Compliance & Accountability

Managers with visibility into employee regulatory and policy compliance can identify who is performing tasks according to One Best Way processes. They can also quickly identify who might need additional training or support.

In Acadia, you can digitally track compliance of policies with digital acknowledgements. You can also track compliance of procedures with digital task lists. As your team works in the system a digital audit trail is created that can help you comply with guidelines from federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

When compliance rates improve, so do overall performance rates. Target specific error rates by focusing on corresponding documents and processes.

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