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Skills Management

Use the content you already have in Acadia to build, track, & mobilize your teams’ skills and improve your business

Seamless Skills Management

Skills Management no longer needs to happen in a spreadsheet that you manage manually. With Acadia, you can help individuals improve their capabilities while tracking the entire team’s skills progression.

  1. Access work instructions and job aids during on-the-job training
  2. Confirm comprehension and mastery with quizzing and evaluations
  3. Capture and track skills progression automatically to quickly identify gaps

Skills Management Tools

Create Real Engagement

Acadia helps you see your team’s capabilities, strengths, and gaps. It helps employees understand where they stand and identifies a path for skills progression.

  • See your entire team’s capabilities and gaps in a skills matrix
  • Identify opportunities to upskill and advance individuals
  • Create career path visibility to improve engagement and retention
Skill Definition

Establish the requirements for each skill

  • Confirm the training required to operate autonomously
  • Identify the critical procedures that need to be mastered
  • Outline the skills needed to transition to the next level
Skill Level Tracking

Managers and employees have visibility as employees complete activities

  • Number of times procedures have been completed accurately
  • Passing required quizzes to ensure comprehension
  • Acknowledgement and compliance with critical policies
Approval of Skill Mastery

Managers perform structured, objective evaluations of employee capabilities

  • Managers complete evaluations as employees perform tasks
  • Every employee is evaluated based on the same standards
  • Employees understand specifically where to improve
Skills Progression Visibility

Employees understand where they stand and what they need to achieve to advance

  • Employees see what steps they need to take to advance
  • Managers can identify employees who can help fill skills gaps
  • Visibility for managers and employees creates trust and improves retention
Skills Matrix

See your entire team’s capabilities in an instant

  • Understand every employee’s capabilities and where you have gaps
  • Encourage those who are close to advancing to take next steps
  • Ditch the spreadsheet and plan for demand quickly and easily

Skills Management at AB InBev

Denise Channer, Global Product Owner, AB InBev

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