Digital SOP Software

Turn your business procedures into active and trackable work instructions

Every good SOP management platform should:

  1. Make it easy to find SOPs, by making them available digitally in a knowledge repository, from any device with a browser.
  2. Track who’s using them correctly and who isn’t.
  3. Make them useful by including images, videos, diagrams and other job aids.
  4. Convert procedures to task lists that employees can follow step-by-step as they perform their work.
  5. Confirm comprehension of policies and procedures and identify employees who need more training.

Results we’ve seen with our Clients

Our clients have deployed Acadia to help meet goals across many industries and use cases.

How our Dynamic SOPs work

Acadia brings checklists, job aids, and accountability into the hands of your team members as they perform any critical task.

Your One Best Way SOP is easily accessible to the person who needs it – instantly, on any internet-enabled device.

The process, in the form of a checklist, is self-assigned using a QR code, distributed as part of a work order from your ERP, or assigned by a manager.

All data generated during process execution is correlated to operational KPIs. This creates actionable insights that help you identify who needs more training or what processes need improvement.

Learn more about how Acadia SOPs can be deployed to your team to help with any standard work.

Employee Knowledge Capture – SOP creation and documentation

Waiting too long to identify, capture, and digitize SOPs and other work instructions can be more devastating to your business than you realize.

Many companies are seeing large numbers of key employees retiring in record numbers. This creates a huge gap in core skills and knowledge. It’s critical to capture that tacit knowledge before it exits the business, and you need an organized system to do it.

Acadia provides a way to not just capture information but make it easy to find and convert into training content for those replacing your retirees.

Audit Trail & Accountability

In most operations, SOP compliance correlates directly to performance. When compliance expectations are met, rework, yield, waste, and safety KPIs are also improved.

Managers with visibility into employee SOP compliance can identify who is performing tasks the right way and who might need additional training or support. By digitally tracking compliance, you also create an audit trail that can help you comply with ISO standards, OSHA regulations, or FDA guidelines.

Training & Onboarding

Consistent process outcomes start with your training approach. We learn better while doing. Job-embedded training programs are immediately more relevant than classroom or course-based activities. They take less time. They require less effort to pay attention.

Acadia improves training effectiveness by injecting training directly into work. Employees have easy access to SOPs and other job aids at the moment they are performing the task. Managers can check comprehension with quizzing and evaluations to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

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