Reskilling & Upskilling Software

Close knowledge and capability gaps with reskilling instead of hiring.

A group of people going through training with this quote on top: "The way we've been taught to learn and work is perfectly suited for a world that soon will not exist."

In today’s employment market, there simply aren’t enough skilled workers to meet demand. Tightening supply is exasperating what was already a critical challenge.

Companies that try to recruit their way out of the problem are spending more for fewer candidates. However, those that turn to reskilling but continue to rely on Learning Management Systems and classroom training will find it challenging to teach employees new skills.

Acadia injects training and learning directly into work. Employees have easy access to the right content at the moment they are performing tasks.

  • Procedures required to perform work are easy to find and can be retrieved instantly.
  • Procedures automatically transform into a series of step-by-step task lists.
  • Task steps have accompanying job aids that give context and further instruction.
  • Employees can provide feedback, as they work, so unclear instructions can be improved for the next group of trainees.

We’re helping our clients to onboard, train and reskill employees like they never have before.

Acadia Performance Platform for Manufacturing
Acadia Performance Platform for Banking
Acadia Performance Platform for Healthcare

Enterprise Ready

With Acadia, you can easily and inexpensively manage standard policies and procedures, track compliance, accelerate learning, and achieve behavior change.

  • Secure Single Sign-On
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Audit Logs
  • Product Security
  • Always On Access
  • Change Management
  • Integrations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Automated Content Migration
  • Global Privacy Requirements
  • Language Requirements
  • Validate or Re-engineer Processes
  • Dedicated Support
  • Balanced & Precise Contract Terms
  • Easy Adoption

Employee Knowledge Is Key To Standardizing Work

Identifying standard policies and procedures is only valuable if your workforce can be trained to follow them. Acadia combines the neuroscience of how we learn with continuous improvement techniques to help train and reinforce behavior change.

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