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Acadia Performance Platform

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Great performers drive great business outcomes

Acadia delivers actionable insights and employee behavior change to improve business performance

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Help Your Team Help Themselves
Today's biggest corporate cost driver is employee retention. Whether folks are leaving because of mistakes they've made or a lack of confidence in their skills, inadequate training drives turnover.
Unfortunately, it's often the people who can least afford to lose their jobs, who struggle the most to keep them.
Our view is it doesn't have to get to that point. There's a way to help even the most challenged team members find their way to success.
For a fraction of the cost of hiring a replacement, you can bring up the performance of those who are falling behind - before they fall out.
Here's how Acadia helps:
  • Increases employee retention
  • Enables on-the-job upskilling
  • Identifies those who need more training
  • Optimizes processes incrementally
  • Improves KPIs across the enterprise

The Power of the One Best Way

When everyone follows the One Best Way, you'll see rapid improvements of performance metrics as you improve your overall process. Here's how it works:

Workers in a warehouse

Let's talk about your KPIs

We've helped our clients with a broad variety of operational metrics. Which one are you working on?


Acadia is the workforce enablement tool that is allowing us to close performance gaps and increase employee task proficiency.
Shannon Schleisman
Global Manager Product Owner
Acadia has had an ultimate impact on the way we do business. Updating safety policies across all of our plants used to take two months. We now complete it in a couple of weeks.
Don Standridge
Corporate Safety Manager
Mohawk Industries
Acadia is enabling our ability to consistently train, confirm comprehension and provide additional support to drivers as they execute their work.
Adam Newsome
Lazer Spot
Acadia will ensure that all our employees have the critical information they need, in the back office and in the field, at the moment they need it.
Todd Ernest
Founder and CEO
Climate Pros


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