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Acadia can be deployed in any business and accessed on any internet-enabled device

The Connected Worker Platform Designed for Employee Productivity

Build employee capabilities and see returns across a
spectrum of operational outcomes.

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Digital Work Instructions & Job Aids
  • Execute critical tasks accurately, every time
  • Track compliance of critical tasks and procedures
  • Access visually driven digital work instructions on any internet-enabled device
  • Incorporate videos, images, and other job aids to support precision execution
  • Assign tasks to individuals, teams, and even across shifts – in any part of the business
Quizzing & Evaluations
  • Assess employee skill proficiency for critical tasks
  • Measure employee comprehension and identify knowledge gaps for further training
  • Reinforce key concepts and updated processes with short-form quizzing
  • Perform objective evaluations of employee skill attainment
Dynamic Skills Matrix
Easy System Integrations
  • Acadia easily integrates with your business systems and data sources using industry best practices
  • Integrate employee performance data with other systems for automated event triggers, authentication, or reporting outputs
  • Common integrations include: SSO, ERP, HRIS, LMS, Compliance, IOT, Reporting, and others
System Integrations
Works Everywhere You Do

Improve performance from the finance department to the factory floor.

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Improved Performance Starts at the Front Line

You’ll see rapid improvements of performance metrics when employees follow your One Best Way policies and procedures. Here’s how it works:

Acadia will ensure that all our employees have the critical information they need, in the back office and in the field, at the moment they need it.
Todd Ernest
Founder and CEO
Climate Pros
Acadia is the workforce enablement tool that is allowing us to close performance gaps and increase employee task proficiency.
Shannon Schleisman
Global Manager Product Owner
Acadia has had an ultimate impact on the way we do business. Updating safety policies across all of our plants used to take two months. We now complete it in a couple of weeks.
Don Standridge
Corporate Safety Manager
Mohawk Industries
Acadia is enabling our ability to consistently train, confirm comprehension and provide additional support to drivers as they execute their work.
Adam Newsome
Lazer Spot

Proven Results

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped our clients hit their target goals.

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Our take on ways you can improve, even if you don’t work with us.


Recent developments at Acadia that you might find interesting.

Help Your Team Help Themselves
Improvement efforts often fail because not enough investment is made in supporting employee adoption. Acadia meets your team at the frontline, providing on-the-job guidance where and when it’s needed.
Employee Time to Proficiency

Employees learn faster when they have consistent access to information and training tools. Acadia injects your One Best Way protocols into every task.

Employee Retention

Acadia builds confidence starting day one with better training and onboarding. It continues to support your team members as they master their roles and expand their capabilities.

HR & Operations Alignment

Your subject matter experts aren’t experts at training employees. And your HR team doesn’t know operations like you do. Acadia brings the two together where employees are doing the work to make training better.

Reaction Plans & Troubleshooting

When something goes wrong, the ability of your employees to react appropriately means everything. Acadia puts reaction plans and troubleshooting guides at everyone’s fingertips.

Process Improvement

Continuous Process Improvement relies on your employees’ ability to quickly adopt process changes. Employees already using Acadia to follow procedures will instantly see new process changes reflected in their work instructions. And you’ll know right away who is compliant with the changes and who isn’t.

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