Sustainable Growth

Employee agility and accountability as you grow

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Maintain quality at new sites

Keystone Tower Systems maintains repeatable manufacturing process during rapid growth

Keystone Tower Systems is deploying One Best Way work instructions to ensure its processes are executed accurately as their operations expand to additional sites.

On-demand access to standardized, easy-to-access and simple-to-follow task lists aid in maintaining consistent quality and safety. Line managers can track process compliance and provide additional training where it’s needed .

With everyone following the same playbook, Keystone can keep up with increasing demand without sacrificing quality.

Provide tools that help them go faster and crush their goals

Access information immediately – work instructions, safety protocols, troubleshooting

Establish standard protocols and hold teams accountable for following them

Capture feedback as employees identify more efficient ways to do their work

Growing from 800 to 6,000 headcount in just a few years

The CEO of Lazer Spot explains how Acadia enables record growth through consistent execution

  • Launch new sites consistently
  • Hire and train new teams quickly
  • Share best practices across sites

Other Client Results

Nineteen percent planned downtime improvement after just two weeks.
  • 8 minutes improvement and $500k cash savings
  • Reduced time to proficiency for new hires and existing employees
  • Higher retention rate of new skills among those trained using the new method
Thirty-seven percent increase in new hire procedure compliance.
  • Improved outbound orders shipped on time from 40% on average to 80%
  • 13% increase in new hires who reach their efficiency goal by week
  • 290% reduction in process change training time
One-hundred percent audit score after deploying Acadia.
  • Single source of truth for all audit documents, policies, and procedures
  • Customized and streamlined workflows for document control
  • Quickly and easily access all relevant documents based on customer, location, and other meta data

From Start-up to Franchise

Medical cannabis client deployed Acadia for cultivation, wholesale, and dispensary operations

Each aspect of the operation is subject to separate regulatory requirements that cover everything from employee onboarding and training, to visitor management, facility security, and product tracking.

Policies and procedures were created to closely follow department of health standards. The documents used in training were the same as those used in workflow, so training took less time, knowledge stuck, and team members made minimal errors. The system made a record of each activity performed by every team member daily, creating an automatic audit trail that could be submitted to regulators on demand.

Now, as more states legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, the company has a framework that they’re using to build a franchise business.

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