Consistent Quality

Employee agility and accountability as you grow

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Tools that help employees do the right thing and crush their goals

Establish standard protocols and hold teams accountable for following them

Access information immediately – work instructions, safety protocols, troubleshooting

Acadia data in dashboard

See the impact of improved employee performance on quality, waste, and productivity metrics.

Maintain quality at new sites

Keystone Tower Systems maintains repeatable manufacturing process during rapid growth

Keystone Tower Systems is deploying One Best Way work instructions to ensure its processes are executed accurately as their operations expand to additional sites.

On-demand access to standardized, easy-to-access and simple-to-follow task lists aid in maintaining consistent quality and safety. Line managers can track process compliance and provide additional training where it’s needed .

With everyone following the same playbook, Keystone can keep up with increasing demand without sacrificing quality.

Growing from 800 to 6,000 headcount in just a few years

The CEO of Lazer Spot explains how Acadia enables record growth through consistent execution

  • Launch new sites consistently
  • Hire and train new teams quickly
  • Share best practices across sites

Other Client Results

Connected teams improve metrics

Acadia digital work instructions engage employees, quickly building competence and autonomy.

In a few weeks, you’ll:

  • Make it easy for your team to execute critical tasks accurately
  • Track your team’s compliance to understand performance strengths and gaps
  • Improve processes and instantly change behavior on the front line

We’ll also help you connect the dots between team productivity and your operational metrics.

See Acadia in action, ask for a demo

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