Spinning the Flywheel Faster at Madison Industries

Acadia enables your Front Line to deliver a safer, healthier, and more productive world

Fanatical Focus on You

We start with a goal you’re already working toward and help you build a plan to tackle it.

Obsessed with Your Frontline

We equip your team with tools that help them focus on what matters – delivering for your customers. Here’s how it works:

Innovation to Reality

We help you tear down the wall between the back office and the factory floor. Here are some examples of how we’ve worked with other clients to improve processes and eliminate waste.

AB InBev

SOP Compliance = Improved Line Yield

  • All Acadia-enabled plants exceeded gross line yield targets last year
  • SOP Compliance correlated directly to line efficiency and quality improvements
  • Employee engagement improved, contributing to retention and process improvement

The SOP transition to Acadia is one of the most important initiatives we have done in the last five years.
– North American Director of Brewery Operations


Consistent Training Improved Downtime in 2 weeks

  • Replacing shoulder-to-shoulder training improved planned downtime by 8 minutes
  • Product and material waste were drastically reduced at the same time
  • Best practices were easily shared across plants running the same procedure

It’s amazing how quickly we saw a difference in performance. To hit 19% improvement in just two weeks was unimaginable.
– Manager Continuous Improvement

Improved engineering productivity

  • 84% improvement in project turnaround time from engineering to production
  • Massive savings in people hours
  • Increase in new project capacity

We set ambitious targets to reduce turn rates by 50%, and were amazed to see close to 90!
– SVP, Process and Experience Optimization

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