One Best Way Training

& Skills Development

Improve new in position time to proficiency and retention

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Train teams faster and confirm skills – no matter where they work

From factories to warehouses and offices

Acadia provides flexible, on-the-job training that supports team member growth while meeting your goals for efficiency and performance.

  • Role-based digital work instructions and training tools available on the job
  • Verification of skill acquisition, comprehension, and compliance
  • Rapid deployment in any environment, on any internet enabled device

On the Job Training at Scale

Increase Speed to Proficiency

Train new hires and build new skills among existing team members with easy to deploy training capabilities that minimize hands-on management oversight and improve team-member autonomy.

  • Guide training with step-by-step, role-based work instructions
  • Provide support at the point of use with multi-media job aids
  • Reinforce key points and gauge comprehension with quizzing
  • Measure capabilities with objective, role-based evaluations
  • Create training path and career path visibility
Reduce Error Rate & Rework

Put your One Best Way process information into your teams’ hands and watch your efficiencies multiply.

  • Make troubleshooting procedures instantly available
  • Create compliance visibility for targeted coaching to individuals
  • Share task responsibility across shifts to ensure seamless execution
Improve Training Processes and Content

Capture feedback, update procedures, and introduce changes without interrupting work.

  • Identify opportunities to improve by capturing relevant feedback throughout the process
  • Instantly make changes to training content across the business with no interruptions
  • Objectively evaluate training procedures to ensure efficacy and relevance
Create Meaningful Engagement

Understand your team’s capabilities, strengths, and gaps and help employees understand their progression along career paths.

  • See your entire team’s capabilities and gaps in a skills matrix
  • Identify opportunities to upskill and advance individuals
  • Create career path visibility to improve engagement and retention
  • Capture feedback on training and process content to improve over time

Skills Management with Acadia

Acacia helps you see your team’s capabilities, strengths, and gaps. It also helps employees understand where they stand and identifies a path for career progression.

  • Deploy role-based training content for on-the-job learning
  • See your entire team’s capabilities and gaps in a skills matrix
  • Create career path visibility to improve engagement and retention

Continuous Learning at AB InBev

Denise Channer, Global Product Owner, AB InBev

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