Keystone Tower Systems to lower wind energy costs with repeatable manufacturing process enabled by Acadia

Breakthrough leader has adapted spiral-welding technology to the wind industry making wind energy more viable and competitive.

A shot of a wind turbine looking from near the bottom to the top.

Hunt Valley, MD, July 26, 2021 – SAI, a software products and consulting firm, today announced that Keystone Tower Systems recently deployed Acadia® Performance Platform to support manufacturing operations in their Pampa, Texas facility and in future mobile facilities.

Acadia can help team members perform even the most complex manufacturing tasks, in an automated environment, by providing on-demand access to standardized work instructions.

“The world needs advanced solutions to continue lowering the cost of electricity generated by wind. Our highly automated manufacturing process uses less steel, significantly less labor and produces tower sections in a fraction of the time of traditional towers. Dramatic improvements like these will make wind energy a more competitive resource,” said Larry Oglesby, COO at Keystone Tower Systems.

“Acadia will be a critical component driving our operational success. At each manufacturing site, we follow precise specifications to meet customer requirements. By converting actionable processes into work instructions and job aids, Acadia will assist our teams in performing all work according to the One Best Way,” continued Oglesby.

“Keystone’s unique manufacturing process makes them instantly more competitive in the wind energy space. Just in time work instructions delivered by Acadia will help their employees meet customer expectations and meet the growing demand for renewable energy,” said Ric Hughes, CEO at SAI.

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