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Because employees learn faster when they have consistent access to information and job aids, Acadia injects your One Best Way protocols into every task. Here are just a few ways we’ve helped our clients:

Cost Savings through Enhanced Efficiency

Significantly reduce process execution time and efficiency by ditching paper-based instructions. Inject the support your employees need into their daily activities.

$500K In Savings for an 8-minute Improvement in Downtime

Proven On-the-Job Training

Training sticks when information is available during work. Step-by-step instructions with videos and images guide employees through critical tasks, ensuring work is done right the first time and every time. Acadia builds confidence starting day one with better training and onboarding.

600 Employees Reskilled in Just a Few Months

Agility in Process Updates

Implementing changes is seamless with tools that meet employees where they work and supports their ability to thrive in their roles. Communication acknowledgements, version tracking, and quizzing ensure team members are always working from the most accurate version and they understand the changes.

77% Improvement in New Hire Time to Proficiency

Risk Management and Compliance

Industry regulations and process compliance become easier to manage and verify. All activity performed in Acadia is tracked and available through reporting, which makes auditing and quality control easier for your team.

100% SQF Audit Scores

What Does Using Acadia’s Performance Platform Look Like for My Team?

Transition Costs and Time

Employee Adjustment

Security & Integrations

How to Prevent Critical Investments from Failing

Investments in new technology – automation, robotics, enterprise software – are only as successful as your employees’ ability to adopt them. Classroom training supported by paper work instructions won’t cut it anymore. Learn how some companies are providing step-by-step guidance to their teams while they’re working to ensure new technology sticks.

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Real World Results in Action


Improved Visibility Produces 125 Promotions in Six Months

Employee turnover is a huge drain on resources for any business. It hits particularly hard if the turnover is among a group of highly skilled employees. Team members with sought after skills, who lack the visibility they need to advance their careers are more likely to leave. Making capabilities, skills, and career paths more visible to both managers and employees helps organizations ensure consistent advancement, bolstering retention.

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Back Office

Millions in Savings from Improved O2C Process Execution

Large enterprise companies that consolidate through mergers and acquisitions are prone to enormous complexity in business processes such as Order to Cash (O2C). When competing or conflicting proposal, quoting, billing, and collection processes aren’t reconciled, confusion and rework become commonplace.

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100% Quality & Safety Audit Scores

Audits performed by government regulators or customer contractors ensure product safety and consistency. They also reinforce customer and consumer confidence… unless the audit results are negative. Then it may take a lot more effort to overcome negative perceptions, or worse repair damage done by a defective product.

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Improved On-Time Shipping Times from 40% to 80%

SOPs and other work instructions help employees perform their tasks the right way, every time. If there is no visibility into SOP adoption or execution, it’s difficult to tell what needs to be fixed when operating costs go up, and shipping times are unreliable. Do we need more training? Should we improve our processes?

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Recently Hired Drivers Outperform Veteran Drivers Trained on the Old System

Onboarding and training are most effective when done in real world scenarios, while on the job. When team members are trained in a classroom or at a computer terminal, they will only retain 20% of what they are taught. Whereas those who learn while performing the tasks through repetition will retain 75% of what they are taught. When training retention is critical to the safety of team members and customer property, 20% retention is a major concern.

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Improving Customer Service Error Rate in Branches and Call Centers

In the highly competitive – and increasingly digital – retail banking industry, products can be very similar from one business to another. That leaves little room to create competitive advantage. Often the determining factor for consumers, when selecting a bank, boils down to trust and customer service.

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Onboarding & Training Improvements Reduce Medical Billing Errors

Without efficient and consistently executed digital training programs, organizations can expect to spend more time on inconsistent, shoulder-to-shoulder efforts before employees reach proficiency. They’ll also take on a higher level of risk from untrained employees who make mistakes that lead to lawsuits, medical claim rejections, and HIPAA violations.

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Enable Oversight for Different Types of Healthcare Facilities Across the State

Citizens and organizations depend on state health departments to provide a wide variety of services quickly and consistently. A single source of truth ensures all employees are trained and performing their duties in compliance with ever-changing policies, regulations, and guidelines.

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